Inspired by Andrew Osokin’s snowflake macro-photography, I constructed this image by assembling tiny, detailed line drawings of various NYC landmarks. Look closely and you will see the Brooklyn Bridge Towers, The Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building, and the Flatiron Building. It’s very hard to get a full sense of the detail from these images, but it’s pretty intense! I started working on this during the last week of class at Baltimore Academy of Illustration this past winter, while we were all coming up with illustrations to pitch as covers for the Holiday issue of the New Yorker. The deadline came and went (I was uninspired by my original idea of turning Trump into the Grinch), and I ended up going down this crazy rabbit hole instead. It took about 8 weeks, off-and-on, to complete. Little did I know a monstrous blizzard would come and make it a truly topical image….