What Would MAD MEN Do?

AMC’s hit show Mad Men–besides being a cultural juggernaut and the best thing on TV in years–has been my constant companion throughout grad school. The visual ethos of the 60s into the 70s has played an important part in the development of my own stylistic voice, so it’s been exciting to witness someone else’s take on design’s dramatic evolution during those tumultuous ten years. The verisimilitude of the show’s art direction never wavered even as its decade-long ascent into 1970 grew increasingly–and appropriately–flamboyant.

Initially, I created this app as something between a Magic 8 Ball and a See ‘N Say: the user choses a character, selects a category (Love, Money, Ethical Quandary, etc.), and then enjoys an apropos quip from the show’s expansive archive of pithy one-liners. Over time, however, I became as interested in pushing my digital illustration skills as I was in finding clever ways to celebrate Mad Men’s  characters. No detail is too small, from the glimmer of an earring to a highly polished pair of shoes. This is a project that will always be in progress… just like the show itself,  I refuse to believe it could ever come to an end.