imagineARTS is a hypothetical arts education organization developed by myself and three other students for a UB Publications Design capstone project.

On the first day of our last semester at UB, each student in the program was asked to prepare and pitch a concept for a non-profit organization. Our professors selected seven of the most promising  ideas, divided the class into groups, and tasked each team with becoming communications experts for their designated non-profit. My idea was to develop an organization devoted to making art education accessible to the most underserved students in Baltimore’s public schools. We envisioned a summer program that would link students with educators and professional artists to produce public art in the students’ neighborhoods.

Our four-person team researched and developed imagineARTS throughout the semester. The final project consisted of a website, social media coordination, an interactive project site map, a multitude of print and promotional collateral, plus a comprehensive creative brief.

Read the executive summary here


imagineARTS interactive Project Site Map:
Click on a colored bullseye to get information about each Summer Session Project.