The Baltimore Academy of Illustration held its first semester this fall, and I was so happy to be one of the first students to become a part of this burgeoning community of Baltimore-area illustrators! Alex Fine, along with his colleagues  Greg Houston and Scott Fuqua, put together a great selection of classes, and the school continues to expand in terms of faculty, students, and course offerings.

Editorial Illustration, one of Alex Fine’s focuses and a popular class at BAI, is particularly challenging because it requires as much conceptual and critical thinking as it does technical proficiency on the part of the artist. Students in the inaugural Editorial class had opportunities to work with real-world art directors and have their work published in local and national publications–an unusual and exciting way to structure a class! Below is a sampling of some of the sketches and final work I created throughout the course of the semester, including art for an article on environmental philanthropists, a feature on local music, and an alternative weekly cover. Check out my previous post which includes work published in Adweek!